Rael meets Shoukichi Kina in Tokyo

22 Sep, 2005
 None    Politics

A peace concert scheduled in Hiroshima in August next year

Obpwithkina2web Shoukichi Kina, singer and musician, author of top-ten songs in Japan, is not only an icon artist, he is also an elected representative at the Japanese Parliament. He has been involved in actions to stop wars and his activism won him a place at the highest level of the Japanese politics. Shokichi started a campaign to change weapons to musical instruments and his organization is accepted as a non-governmental organization. He has been to many countries such as Iraq, North Korea, the USA to appeal for the preciousness of peace with songs and dances.
His vision of peace is so in sync with the one of Maitreya RAEL that a meeting had to be organized.

The conversation lasted an hour during which they decided to organize common actions.


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