An Oxytocin potion

07 Jun, 2005
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. Use it for love not for war.

Oxytocin Potion According to scientists from the University of Zurich, the exposure to an oxytocin potion would led people to be more trusting. Studies have shown that this hormone is linked to bonding between males and females and mother infant. It seems that it also helps determine whether we will trust lovers, friends or business contacts.

In a BBC report, one expert warned that it could be misused by politicians who want to persuade more people to back them up.

Here are the comments of the Prophet Rael related to this matter:

The use of this hormone by politicians or religious leaders to create more fanaticism is a terrible possibility and even more so if used by military recruiters!!!...

I prefer to imagine this spray used when you are approaching a possible sexual partner...

Use it for love not for war.


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