The E.T. Embassy project presented at the SpaceCom Summit 2021!

19 Feb, 2021
 None    North America

The Embassy for an Extraterrestrial Civilization project presented at the SpaceCom Entrepreneur Summit 2021!


In January 2021, Daniel Turcotte, head of the Embassy for an Extraterrestrial Civilization project, received an invitation from Stephan Reckie, Executive Director of GEN Space, to present the project at an international event: the SpaceCom Entrepreneur Summit. The SpaceCom Entrepreneur Summit (SES) has over the years become one of the most influential forces in the global space community. Over the past five years, more than one hundred and fifty companies have participated in the SES event, which has become the largest space entrepreneurship competition in the world. This virtual event took place in two phases, the first being a series of seminars where space experts not only introduced participants to possible development and financing opportunities, but also trained them to become the best ambassadors for their product or service. I was honored to receive such an invitation and even if the Embassy for Extraterrestrials project is not in the field of space entrepreneurship, it generated enough interest to lead to an invitation. In a second phase, companies had to introduce their business plan, their financing arguments and the presentation of their project in one minute. We have a very well-organized team and a solid business plan but presenting such a project, with its ambitions and conceptual complexities as well as its unique diplomatic dimension, in one minute was no small task. Prestigious partners supported this event, which certainly contributed to enhance the quality of the participants as well as the prestige of the event; among them, the National Laboratory of the International Space Station, the Space Agencies of Italy and Brazil and Lockheed Martin, to name a few. In addition, a NASA representative and a SpaceX collaborator were present as guest speakers. Of the one hundred and eight participants from twenty-one countries, sixty-five presented their projects in one minute. This event was an opportunity to meet interesting people and to establish many contacts with important players in the field. Even if our project does not correspond directly to a conventional spatial development scenario, the presence on Earth of an extraterrestrial civilization 25,000 years ahead of us would have a prodigious impact on such a development. The project of an Embassy for an extraterrestrial civilization is increasingly radiating in various spheres and what could be better than to raise the awareness of space development actors who are most certainly aware of the presence of extraterrestrial spacecraft and, consequently, of the existence of their occupants. /


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