Utah Raelians attend Utah UFO Festival

01 Jun, 2018
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Representatives of the International Raelian Movement visited Cedar City, Utah, and set up a booth at the Utah UFO Festival

IMG_2210.JPG.jpg On May 25-26, three representatives of the International Raelian Movement (Harvey, Becki, and Riki) attended the Utah UFO Festival in Cedar City and arranged to set up an information booth to share information about the Raelian Movement with an open minded audience. This was the third year of the Utah UFO Festival and it was an awesome first-time experience to see hundreds of enthusiastic people stopping at our booth where they received explanations from our team. The booth was arranged in such a way that people could walk in and view the beautiful posters and books, attuned to the Raelian Message. Many people resonated with the meditation aspect of the Raelian teachings and accepted to join us for a 1M4P (one minute for peace) group meditation as part of our international campaign to increase peace and love on earth (http://www.1min4peace.org/).

We also had the pleasure of welcoming a visitor who identified himself as a spiritual leader of the Ute Indian Tribe. As a spiritual organization, this was not our first time meeting with a Native American as we have reached out many times over the years to all the Natives and Aboriginals of the world to share our extraordinary message about the Sky People and how we are trying to prepare the world for their imminent return to earth. He was thrilled to hear this news and said that his people have been "waiting for us." He invited us to be their guest and to explain the Raelian Message to the rest of the tribe. No doubt this will be a wonderful experience!

On the photo: Harvey, Becki, and Riki


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