The Swastika is a symbol of peace and non-violence

17 Jan, 2005
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German politicians have called for Nazi symbols to be banned..

German politicians have called for Nazi symbols to be banned throughout Europe after Prince Harry was pictured wearing a swastika to a fancy dress party.
The swastika is an old Buddhist symbol, a symbol of peace and non-violence. The name swastika itself is an old sanskrit name that has been stolen by Hitler. Will Buddhist be denied the right to wear their symbol in Europe? The swastika can not only be found on most of the Buddhist temples but also in many civilizations around the world as it is part of the symbol given by the Elohim, our creators, to all the Prophets they have sent in the past ( see It has been found in ancient Rome, excavations in Grecian cities, on Chinese coins dated 315 B.C., and US Southwest Indians use it as an amulet.
The European Raelian Movement will organize protests all over Europe to let the public know about the true meaning of this peaceful symbol.



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