Rael congratulates King of Swaziland for 40th anniversary celebrations

06 Oct, 2008
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White Queen and Black King are equal

Mswati1A recent BBC report criticized the king of Swaziland's lavish style of celebration, saying, "One of the world's last remaining monarchs, King Mswati III of Swaziland, has held lavish celebrations to mark his 40th birthday and 40 years of independence from Britain."

Upon hearing the negative report, Rael sent his support and congratulations to His Majesty, King Mswati.
He had this to say about Mswati's critics:

"They're showing themselves to be the same neo-colonialist critics of African leaders who remain silent while much larger amounts of money are given to other leaders -- for example, to the Queen and the rest of the British royal family --- when there are thousands of homeless people in the United Kingdom."
Rael added, "Of course, a black king is someone to be ridiculed just because he is black, while a white queen is a matter of respect. This is the double standard at its worst."

Mswati has been attacked in the media for celebrating when poverty, AIDS and other woes are widespread in his country, with critics saying money could have been better spent elsewhere, especially for education, health and saving lives.

"I think the nation can celebrate the achievements of the past 40 years," said Percy Simeline, a UK government spokesman.

"The [Western] press reports about Swaziland and its king are quite unfair," said Ditalamane Hebie, a Raelian bishop and agricultural economist teaching at the University of Burkina Faso. "It's as if celebrations shouldn't be permitted in Africa, even for a head of state or a king. But one can visit this kingdom and see that the level of social and economic infrastructure in Swaziland's rural areas is better by far than those in any of the African countries in which the political regimes have kept up ties with their former colonial powers.”

Hebie added,“The press is deliberately portraying this kingdom [Swaziland] in a negative way. "But it's actually an example and guardian of authentic African culture and tradition."


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