GM Crop Locations Should Remain Secret

04 Aug, 2008
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until fanatics calm down

Gmocrop European lawmakers are considering changing the law which states that the locations of genetically modified crop experiments must remain public. This knowledge being public allows protesters to come and destroy the crops, ruining the experiments.

Rael issued the following support for such legislation. “with "green" fanatics, and governments like France unable to protect the crops, keeping secret the location of GM crops is the best solution. These protests are seriously impeding progress which will save millions of lives. It’s very easy, when one’s stomach is full, to say that GMOs are bad. But ask the millions who are starving in poor countries afflicted by drought, and we would have a drastically different reaction. These protesters are actually causing the loss of many lives.”

Everyone is awaiting the ruling of a European Court of Justice ruling, likely later this year. Hopefully they will rule in favor of the millions who need this technology instead of those who have full stomachs. :-(


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