Nude Dancing - Art or Not?

01 Aug, 2008
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any dance is an art expression

Nude Dance A mid-western state in the USA is the host of a new legal battle which is centered around the question “Is nude dancing an art?”.

There are no all-nude dance clubs (aka strip clubs) in Iowa but there is a loophole in the state’s laws which allows nude dancing at locations deemed “art centers”. Not surprisingly, that law is now under attack by some “moral” people in the community of Hamburg.

So is nude dancing an art? Rael commented: “Yes, dancing is an art, nude or not. For centuries, and in every culture, dance has been a celebrated art. Today all forms of dance are revered all over the world. Most of all, the nude human form is an art as it was our Creators’ masterpiece. The bible clearly states that we are created in the image of the Elohim. To think the human form something less than a masterpiece is an insult to the Creators, to say the least.”

This whole story surfaced a couple of years ago when the loophole was discovered. We feel that it’s unfortunate that a loophole was necessary in order to allow something so natural and so beautiful.


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