‘United Kingdoms of Kama’ only solution for African conflicts

28 Jan, 2008
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go back to pre-colonization borders

Kenya 01l Just one month after the election of a new president, Kenya’s people are again suffering from the effects of violence and what former United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan described as “gross abuses of human rights.” According to U.N. observers, the new unrest has already driven 250,000 people from their homes, with thousands of dwellings destroyed as fights between rival communities escalate.

Regrettably, top officials of many Western countries regard the continuing bloodshed in Kenya and other African countries as evidence of political immaturity and either refer to these nations with patronizing comments or simply ignore them.

“Western countries can’t wipe their hands of these conflicts by writing them off as acts of uncivilized barbarians, since they themselves are responsible,” said Rael, founder and leader of the Raelian Movement, in a statement released on Monday. “Like Rwanda and many other African countries before this, Kenya is living out yet another drama that is 100 percent the legacy of the artificial borders imposed by colonization. And there will be many more.”


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