A Hot Line from the U.S. to Iran

23 Jan, 2008
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Citizens able to bypass politicians

Iran Hot Line We just heard of a beautiful idea. 
Nick Jehlen is a peace activist in Massachusetts who decided to set up a direct “hot line” from the U.S. to Iran. Thanks to his great idea, passers by in a Somerville, Mass. mall had the opportunity to pick up a phone and speak directly to Iranian citizens Nick had met online. Nick pointed out that the Iranians he met online “wanted to speak to Americans”.
The Prophet Rael immediately said “What a wonderful initiative for peace and understanding! It’s beautiful and if more citizens from any countries which are experiencing tensions did this, the possibility for conflict would disappear completely. The people of these countries are speaking to one another instead of listening to the politicians who are hopelessly blinded by politics and special interests. This is real Iran speaking to the real U.S.A.”

In every case, citizens who spoke to one another agreed that the politicians are greatly amplifying the small differences between peoples.

People are not American, Iranians, Saudis, Israeli, etc. People are people! We are all human beings on this little blue planet which is on the outskirts of a galaxy which contains about 200,000,000,000 stars and itself lost among hundreds of billions of other galaxies in an infinitely large universe. So how can we argue over imaginary borders and religious differences? Human beings all have the same loves, hopes, fears and desires. It is the politicians and religious leaders who constantly prey upon these emotions in people and create more fears, convincing masses that we must fear others who are different from us. The opposite it true! We always have something to learn from those who are different than us – and the common man knows this as long as we are not biased by religious or political fanaticism.


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