Germany tries to ban Scientology

17 Dec, 2007
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60 years later, back to its totalitarianism.

Scientology On December 7th, a conference between ministers of the interior in the Federal Republic of Germany met in Berlin. As one of its results, the conference asks the secret service to run examinations in order to gather the necessary information for a ban of the Scientology Church in Germany.
An interesting fact is that the Verfassungschutz, the German secret service, has precisely been doing that 15 years ago but the conference of the ministers of the interior had decided against a ban then. The initiative comes this time from the ministers Udo Nagel (Hamburg, without party), Ehrhart Körting (Berlin, SPD) and Albrecht Buttolo (Sachsen, CDU). In August 2007, when their intention has been reported by the media, already a lot of politicians were against a ban claiming that it would be against the declaration of the human rights, which is a part of the German constitution.
On September 24th, the decision of recognition of the Scientology Church through the European court for human rights given in April of this year came into force.
In the following month, the organization was recognized in Spain, Portugal and South Africa.
Does Germany fall back into Nazism or is it, like their leaders say, trying to fight it, qualifying Scientology as a totalitarian organization?
The answer is quite easy. The act of banning an organization is pure totalitarian abuse unless there is evidence of illegal activities. However if the alleged reason of banning is a non-respect of Human Rights within a religious organization, Germany will have to investigate equally all religious organizations and this promises to be interesting!!!
Rael has repeatedly asked Human Rights organizations to review all religious scriptures and teachings, be they from a majority group or not and has offered all Raelian writings for review. He said he will be happy to remove anything that doesn’t respect the Human Rights Declaration in the Raelian Scriptures. Meanwhile he is also asking to have the Torah, the New Testament and the Koran reviewed as well where one can easily find encouragement for the murder of minorities, torture, racism and sexism. Neither Islam, nor the Vatican do accept woman in their clergy… and the list is long of their obvious non-respect of the Human Rights.

The decision of the ministers of the interior in the federal republic of Germany to look for elements to ban the Scientology church is of the same kind as what the Stazi or the Nazi police have been doing in the past in Germany. Will Germany ever learn its lesson?

“Germany is pretending to fight Nazism by qualifying the Scientology as a totalitarian organization. The action of banning a religion is in itself a sign of totalitarianism. The only way for Germany to avoid falling into totalitarianism again is to strictly apply the Declaration of Human Rights which includes religious freedom as well as censoring any of the religious writings that could go against the Human Rights. But banning a full religious organization is pure abuse” declared Rael.

Rael sent his full support to the leaders of the Scientology Church in Europe which already won recognition last April at the European court for human rights and was subsequently recognized in Spain and Portugal. He expressed to them his best wishes for reaching recognition in Germany as well. “The European Raelians will be happy to join European Scientologists in any of their demonstrations to fight for their rights to be Scientologists in any place they choose to live”.


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