How many people killed by god?

20 Jun, 2007
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Satan is much more peaceful

Sodom Our support to Steve Wells, the author of a blog about “how many people were killed by god” which you can see here.

Rael made the following comments after reading his blog: “very interesting : Steve Wells counted the total of people killed in the Bible by the "god of love and compassion" and the total is... 2,270,369 people!!! While the total of individuals killed by Satan is only ...10! So all the people passionate by love and compassion should worship Satan rather than their blood thirsty god!

It isn't surprising also that god’s believers act like their model... if anybody can count how many people were killed by god believing civilizations and compare it with people killed by "pagan" or atheist civilizations, the difference will be huge... easy to remember the crusades, colonization of the world by Christian conquistadors, wars of religion, spreading of Muslim faith by "Jihad" or "holly war" etc... but for sure there are much more and there must be billions of victims of god's believers, (of course a god of love and compassion!). Not surprising that the "people of the book", the Jews, who are "so close to god" are killing today so many Palestinians, adult and children, without any hesitation... not talking about the very Christian Georges Bush, praying every day and even "talking with god" for whom any of the 700,000 children killed in Iraq and Afghanistan are just necessary "collateral damages"... The only way to save the world is definitely to convert it to atheism ...that’s our mission!
The first Raelian ready to make the count of people killed by god's believers and atheists and send it to me for will make me happy ;-)”


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