Messaiah RAEL warns Israel

16 May, 2007
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asks for U. N. peacekeeping force in Palestinian territories

Rl Japon Rn Messaiah Rael, leader of the worldwide movement he founded in 1973 that now includes over 65,000 people, today issued a renewed warning to Israel and officially called for a U.N. peace-keeping force in the Palestinian territories.

“The massacre between the sons of Abraham, between Israeli and Palestinian brothers, shows no sign of letup and has to end,” Rael declared. “The United Nations has a duty to stop this mad slaughter.”

He characterized Israeli treatment of Palestinians as “not human and not tolerable.” “How can descendants of the Shoa trap other human beings in jail towns that are nothing but concentration camps?” he asked. “Palestinians are being denied all human rights. They’re being treated as the Jews were treated by the Nazis and as blacks were treated [in South Africa] during Apartheid.”

Rael said that without new leadership, Israel’s future is in grave peril.
“Only an Israeli Gandhi can save the state of Israel from destruction,” Rael declared, stepping up a warning mentioned in his book “Intelligent Design.” The destruction of Israel if its citizens don’t modify their behavior is part of the book’s stated message from the Elohim, or Creators. (For more about the Elohim, see


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