Cannabis allowed in Spain

12 Feb, 2005
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Rael encourages the use of the plants created by the Elohim

Canabis Barcelona, Spain, is planning a pilot scheme to decide whether cannabis can be used to help patients with painful illnesses.
There is still disagreement between the Catalan authorities and the Spanish government over whether the pills will be available at chemists for the trial.
RAEL declared today : No plants created by Elohim, that help us cure diseases, should be illegal.
The cultural demonisation of some plants must stop. In some countries like France alcohol is politically correct while Marijuana is not and in Arabic countries it's the opposite. Stopping drug or alcohol addiction by education and helping people to have a happy life without these drugs, by destroying guilt or fears spread by bad traditional religious education is good, but
the freedom of people to use plants as they wish must be respected.


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