Prophet Rael speech in Miami

10 Feb, 2005
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Rael talks about love..

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Last Sunday, RAEL talked in front of a few raelians and non-raelians who gathered to receive His teachings in Miami. Here is a summary of this very inspiring speech:

Today, I just want to bring a message of Love as the planet needs it more than ever.
I want you to think love. The more violence, war and nationalism surround us, the more we must have thoughts of love.
You may say, who am I to think I can change the world? You must know that you can make a difference with your thoughts. If you meditate for peace, even alone in your home, your telepathic waves are changing the world. Meditations on peace and love make a difference. First it changes you inside, you feel better when you meditate that way, then the people around start to feel better as well and then they change the people around them.


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