Let’s celebrate every newspaper’s death

11 Dec, 2006
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electronic media is the new reality

Cuttree Electronic media is the new reality.
"All the news that's fit to print" was once the newspaper man's slogan. Now, with news-junkies turning increasingly to the net for their daily fix of world events, papers are beginning to feel the pinch” says a recent BBC article.
The French newspaper “Liberation” (usually rather nasty with us, eh eh) is now in financial crisis: its doors threatening to close for good. The paper partly blames the internet…
Many media leaders are saying that electronic media is the future. Well, wake up, electronic media is our present!
This is what RAEL was saying on the subject this morning:
“Let’s celebrate the death of each newspaper! Not only are they polluting the Earth and killing millions of trees everyday, but they also belong to multinational conglomerates allied with conservative powers and primitive religions in order to manipulate the people. We, Raelians know more than anybody else what terrible liars they are. The young generation don't want any more dirty and poisonous papers in their hands every morning, they prefer to check the news on a clean internet, where they can go directly to the news and not believe any lie from manipulated journalists. Remember to celebrate the death of each newspaper!”


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