Rael supports Dutch ban on Muslim Face Veils

17 Nov, 2006
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a matter of human rights

Burqa Countries across the European continent have wrestled with the issue of banning the wearing of burqas and other Muslim face veils in public places. The Dutch government is about to ban it, possibly becoming the first European country to impose such a ruling.

The whole debate about religious freedom, female equality, secular traditions, immigrant integration and fears of terrorism should be ended very simply by applying the Human Rights.
The free expression of one’s religion is a human right and every human being should be allowed to manifest it in every aspect of his life. However this should always be within the respect of the other Human Rights. If the way one manifests its religion can harm another individual, it is not respecting the Human Rights anymore.
Of course, as Raelians, we support the freedom of expression, the freedom of expressing our beliefs, in any way we want, as well as the freedom to have no belief!!
However, this freedom should always be within the range of respects of other’s freedom.

This is why RAEL has expressed his support to the Dutch Government.

RAEL declared: “It is obvious that face covering should be illegal in public places as it is a good way for criminals to escape. It is even surprising that people could be allowed to enter banks wearing a burka...a very good way to perform bank robberies! And we must remind everybody that face covering is NOT a religious rule ordered by the Koran but only a Bedouin tradition, for women AND men, in order to protect their faces from sandstorms...”

The Koran, Islam's holy book, tells Muslims - men and women - to dress modestly.
Male modesty has been interpreted to be covering the area from the navel to the knee - and for women it is generally seen as covering everything except their face, hands and feet when in the presence of men they are not related or married to.

Interpretations of the Prophets’ teachings have lead to millennia of suffering and wars while they were teaching love and respect of life.

RAEL, who is like the previous Prophets, bringing a message from our Creators, explaining all the ancient scriptures through a scientific filter, has been asking for the past 30 years that all religious scriptures be censured when they don’t respect the Human Rights.
The ban on Muslim face veils is not a matter of religious freedom; it is a matter of respect of other’s life.


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