Lets Boycott Ghana

03 Sep, 2006
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To help homosexuals and lesbians there

Ghanamap In an article published two days ago we learned that the government of Ghana has forbidden an international conference of homosexuals and lesbians supposed to be held in Accra on the third week of September.
In a press release, the minister of Information and National Orientation, Kwame Bartels, declared that such a conference will not be allowed in any place in the country.
He said that "the government doesn’t tolerate such an activity that offends strongly the culture, the morality and the inheritance of the Ghanaian people”.
Homosexuality and lesbianism are forbidden in Ghana and the minister has announced that he has ordered to find the organizers of the conference and prosecute them if they have violated the law…!!
Another unbearable blow to the Human Rights!!
The Prophet Rael has asked today Raelians and every individual who feels concerned by the respect of Human Rights, to protest loudly against this discrimination by writing a letter of protest to the President of Ghana, by boycotting and encouraging the boycott of all Ghanaian products, starting with tourism and by organizing protest in front of the Ghana Embassies.
African people should remember that the African tradition, before the Christian era and thus before Colonization, had a lot of respect and even admiration for homosexuals and hermaphrodites. Rael, spiritual leader of the Raelian Movement, who was in Accra 18 months ago, encourages African ethnic groups to find their tradition back as well as their land back and find peace in doing so. A manifesto for the United States of Africa based on traditional chiefs was launched 6 months ago in Brazzaville by him and will be reinforced in his coming visit in Burkina Faso this coming December.


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