Support to Mariela Castro

02 Jul, 2006
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What matters is love

Mariela Castro The Prophet Rael has just expressed his support to Mariela Castro, Fidel Castro's niece who is leading a revolution in favor of sexual tolerance within Cuba’s macho society.
She recently promoted a soap opera that scandalized Cubans by sympathetically depicting bisexuality. She is now pushing for passage of a law that would give transsexuals free sex-change operations and hormonal therapy in addition to granting them new identification documents with their changed gender. It is expected to come up for a vote in December.
When asked whether she plans to push legalization of gay marriages, she says that her group will identify if it corresponds to homosexuals’ and lesbians’ needs, but also adds:
"Marriage is not as important in Cuba as in other more Catholic countries. Here consensual pairing is more important," she said, "What matters is love."
Well, a very Raelian perspective so far!


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