Da Vinci code and the Raelian view

04 Jun, 2006
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An educational novel

Da Vinci 02 Many questions came to us lately regarding our position on the “Da Vinci Code”, the Dan Brown’s bestseller and now a movie. This book is such a phenomenal success that it has triggered all kinds of emotions in people. Some influential Christian Churches have even tried to stop its publication. The Catholic Church has funded many documentaries to try to counteract the effects of the novel, explaining that Jesus is god and couldn’t have a child…

So what is the position of the Raelian Movement regarding this nice and well built story?

Well, apart from being a nice and well built story, it makes people question their beliefs and what they have been told for a long time. The Raelian Movement always welcomes greatly any publication that has this effect on people, since there are still too many people suffering and dying from the monotheistic dogmas that dictate life on this planet.
But before looking at the educational part of this novel, let’s be clear about one thing: whether Jesus had a child or not is of no interest to us. Jesus was given a message and his mission was to spread it throughout the world. He definitely touched the whole world, and one of his main messages - “to love each other as you love yourself” managed to make it through 2000 years of distortion - this is what matters. The message he tried to convey had ....


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