About the fashionable "Purpose Driven Life" book.

26 May, 2006
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You are sick if you surrender your power to choose

Rlteachinglv60 The Prophet Rael accepted to give an interview to our RaelRadio correspondent in Las Vegas last week. Among other topics, he talked about the new fashionable trend in America to surrender one’s choices to god’s will.
(You can listen to his interview now on www.Raelradio.net)

Here is a summary of his words, taken from notes.
There is a new fashionable trend, to think that life is purpose driven. A new book, "the Purpose Driven Life", was made famous by a woman who converted her kidnapper and made him surrender and apologize using this new philosophy, saying that every human being has a purpose in life, a purpose given by god.
Every lonely human being feels better if he thinks that a guardian angel is taking care of him. But this is only imagination.
In the name of god, people could destroy freedom.


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