The Judas Gospel

13 May, 2006
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Another vision of a Prophet's life

Judasgospell2 Have you seen that article in the National Geography issue of this month? (www.ngm/gospel ). Christianity is definitely living troubled moments
An ancient text, lost for 1,700 years is resurfacing, almost destroyed, but still readable by experts and what they read is not the story Christians are used to reading. This story is the gospel according to Judas, the most famous betrayer who now appears to be the truest disciple of Jesus. This document has been known for a long time as Christian leaders of the early Christian centuries were telling their disciples back then to not believe in what was said in the Judas Gospel. It was banned definitely by Constantine, the Emperor who gave an official status to Christianity. Now we can understand why it was banned, it was definitely not politically correct...

One of the highlighted information given by the National Geography’ article is that Judas “betrayed” Jesus at the request of Jesus himself who wanted to free his “soul” from his body. According to this gospel, Jesus asked him to be killed, as a favor. To encourage him to do so, he said: “lift up your eyes and look at the cloud and the light within it and the stars surrounding it”. It is also said that Judas had a revelation in which he enters a “luminous cloud”. People on the ground heard a voice from the cloud, though what it says may be lost forever due to a tear in the papyrus.


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