Don't miss the Las Vegas Raelian seminar

25 Apr, 2006
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with a unique workshop for artists only

Obp Leading Meditation  Bright Sunset Every seminar given bythe Prophet Rael on the planet has a special flavor, a subtle touch that makes it different. The coming US seminar will be like no other. The generosity and spontaneity of the American people make the US seminar one of the most casual, loving and caring place to be. The Nevada desert is a unique place to experience meditation under the stars as the one conducted by our Beloved Prophet last year that is still in the mind of the participants. And this year, a very special moment is planned: Rael will give a unique workshop dedicated to artists that will take place only in Las Vegas!! Many artists are expected from all over the world. No need to say that our shows in the evenings will be even more amazing than usual.
Ricky Lee, the National Guide just sent this:
Hi dear friends! If you haven't registered for the US seminar, time is running out! Only 3 weeks - but that is enough time to get a great air fare and still get the "negotiated deal" for the hotel. If you were not here last year, know that you will be coming to an exceptional event. The meditations in the desert are forever in my memory. The seminars are better when YOU are here!!! :-) Register here:


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