Forget the cat and save the children

15 Apr, 2006
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Shame on civilized modern countries

Starving 04 A New York cat rescue attracted worldwide coverage lately. Molly was trapped within the walls of a New York delicatessen for nearly two weeks and has finally been freed today after drilling through three layers of bricks in a 19th century protected building. A whole nation was watching the drama, involving animal therapists and experts…
The Prophet Rael made the following statement today:
In order to forget the suffering of Iraqi and African children and the starvation of people in the third world, people in modern countries try to compensate for their guilt by pretending to be marvelous examples of compassion for the living ... in this case, a cat ! Everybody is watching TV daily to check about the fate of this cat, while forgetting about the Iraqi and African children ... shame on "civilized" modern countries. Forget the cat and save the children!


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