Geniocracy is the solution

26 Jan, 2006
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To avoid a democratically vitrified world

Congointerviewweb The Islamic resistance movement Hamas seems to have achieved a stunning win in the Palestinian parliamentary election on Wednesday. According to preliminary results, Hamas won 76 seats giving them a majority in the 132-seat chamber. A democratic election has put pro-war people at the head of the Palestinian State.

Here is what the Prophet Rael said today:

This is exactly as I predicted it a long time ago. We arrive at a point where there is an unsolvable conflict between "democracy" and peace.
The so-called "civilized world" believed and claimed that democracy necessarily brings peace...but free elections in Palestine prove that democracy can put in power pro-war people. It was the case a long time ago with Adolf Hitler... now we see it again. And we will soon see it again in Iraq and in many other countries....


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