Pope Says Homosexuality a Danger to Humanity's Survival

23 Dec, 2008
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Catholic Church is the real danger

Pope2At the end of this Christian year, 2008, the Pope just released a year end comment and espoused that not only does humanity need to save itself by protecting the environment, but that mankind needed to be saved from a destructive blurring of gender, meaning that Gay, Lesbians and Bisexuals are somehow destroying humanity. He is calling for the protection of the environment – and said “saving humanity from homosexual or transsexual behavior is as important as protecting the environment”.

The Prophet Rael sets the record straight here. Enjoy. ;-)

Rael said “The pope is right, mankind will not be saved by only protecting the environment. Humanity must also be protected from some dangerous behaviors, which killed and tortured million of innocent people during human history and are always against science and medicine. Of course I am not talking about the sexual minorities which never killed or tortured anybody but about dangerous primitive religions like the Catholic church which incites hatred against sexual minorities, campaigns against birth control while the most terrible danger on earth is overpopulation, which is against letting people who wish to die with dignity with the help of science, which is against the use of condoms while everyday more people not using them get AIDS, which says that those getting AIDS are being punished by their "god of love and compassion"... Yes humanity must not only be saved from environmental dangers but also from primitive religions which value suffering and condemn pleasure.

It is about time to get rid of these Stone Age superstitions and replace them with science and technology.

Anyway, the vast majority of Humanity does not care anymore about what the pope or any other Taliban-like leader tells them. Their declarations are just blah blah reported by the media, but nobody really cares. And the facts are here to prove that this "Catho -Taliban" blah blah has, fortunately, no impact on the population: in most of the modern "Catholic" countries these are the facts: more than 70 % of young Catholic people experience sex before marriage, more than 50 % of young "Catholic" couples live together without being married and stay unmarried even if they have children, more than 90 % of these "Catholic" couples use some form of birth control, more than 50 % of Catholic marriages end in divorces, 95 % of these "Catholic" people never go to church except for marriages, baptisms or funerals. And on these occasions people don't go to church because of religious feelings but only because these are social events and people want to celebrate with their friends and relatives. So the pope can continue to make stupid comments about anything he wants - for the vast majority of people, even born (without choosing it) "Catholic", it s just blah blah. Fortunately, nobody cares.

Do you care? :-)