Pole dancing is art

11 Sep, 2008
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A woman sues to operate dance studio in Pennsylvania.

PoldancingA woman sues to operate dance studio in Pennsylvania.

Stephanie Babines has filed a lawsuit for being denied the right to open a pole-dancing studio in Adams Township, Pennsylvania.
Officials denied the occupancy permit based on grounds that it was a "sexually oriented" business, even though men aren't allowed to attend classes and the exercises are done while being clothed. No spectators are allowed. Her studio, Oh My You're Gorgeous also teaches Tribal Fusion, belly dancing, salsa dancing and hula dancing.
She alleges that municipal officials don't approve of the type of dancing she's teaching, so they've throttled her right to conduct business.

Here is yet another example of some American Puritanism trying to censor an expression of sensual art form when really pole dancing has been around for quite some time as for example in the late 1920’s at the height of the American depression.
Back then; traveling fairs were touring the country to entertain the crowds in a large tent while many different sideshows would also take place in much smaller tents surrounding the main attraction.
One of the sideshow’s performance were the Erotic Hoochi Coochi dancers which name originates from the hip movement performed by the dancers and also derived from the French word “couche”, to lay down.
These entertainers would perform in a rather suggestive manner on a small stage while the crowd would cheer generously. The dancer would also perform very close to the small tent’s poles, which at some point they started to use as well.
The pole tents became then known as the dance pole that then evolved to bars as burlesque in the 1050’s and it is only in the 1980’s that pole dancing and strip tease really boomed in Canada and then the USA.

Today pole dance is more than just a practice used by exotic dancers since pole dancing classes are being offered virtually around the world thus evolving as a more “socially accepted” form of fitness through body and art expression.

One of the Adams Township official testified that even though the dance instruction did not involve nudity and there would be no audience, the dance styles Mrs Babines wishes to teach are “provocative” and involve sexual “innuendo.”

Hmm…is this why pole dancing has always been considered a “dirty thing”??
And why should it not be acceptable to integrate sensuality and eroticism in our lives and exercise routine??

Once again that good old Judeo-Christian prejudice against experiencing and in this case teaching anything close to embracing our own sensuality may play an important role here.
But wait, what about the “sexual innuendo” already found in other “respectable places”?
What about these health clubs and dance studios teaching the "Slow Grind" (mild version of a lap dance)? Is this a more appropriate place?
How about when at the gym, women have their posteriors placed in such ways that it is generating sudden attention from the opposite sex and which is called Pilates? Is this a more respectable practice?
Or perhaps when enjoying a super juicy hamburger at a place called “Hooters”? Aren’t these chains of restaurants filled with sexy young women wearing very tight shirts, generously gifted on the upper area and which legs are being exposed quite plentifully? There seems to be no problem there, right?
Are we not indulged into eroticism, sensuality and sexual innuendo when we frequent these places?

By all means, all of the above are perfectly healthy to practice and to be around, so why should a pole dance studio offering classes to explore one’s sensuality and eroticism in more depth, amongst women only, be subject to such controversy??

The fitness and eroticism that comes from practicing these types of exercises skills allow women to let their intuitive body take over the workout. They not only harmonize their bodies but also their minds through the pleasure they feel during the sessions.
This type of exercises, or as some refers to it as “Sensual Yoga”, is about looking at the world at a different angle, where grace and elegance merge in complete harmony with strength and power. It is all about positive female empowerment and being sexy at the same time.
It teaches women to embody who they are by discovering their inner and outer beauty while owning their sensuality and femininity.

Raelians support sensual and sexual freedom and most specifically non-conformism in every aspect of our lives.
The expression of sensuality through our bodies is the vehicle of love toward oneself and others.
The Prophet Rael says;” The awakening of the body is linked with the awakening of the mind, therefore it is important to explore every sensual aspect of who you are as a person and how you can emphasize to feel pleasure through your body in order to feel complete and happy as a person allowing a perfect balance in your mind.
Sensuality, the be sensual, means to let your environment give you pleasure because pleasure is the fertilizer that opens up the mind.”

Also, as described by this news article below, some countries are anything but “uptight” about education.

“In some parts of the world, they have realized that starting young people on a path of serious body work can help maintain fitness throughout ones adolescence and better prepare the young adult for a lifelong desire for fitness. Starting young people on an exercise regime that best suits them is what’s important, so how you integrate that is up to you but this year word is out that some schools in England now are urging children as young as 12 into some pole dancing lessons.”

Pole dancing is a form of art, which gives tremendous pleasure to anyone who likes to practice it, like anything else. Pleasure in turn unleash our creative and joyful beings and allows for better and happier lives, better compassion toward others, bigger dreams and healthier society

Florence Laudoyer, a happy pole dancer...