Pleasure is the very reason for our existence

24 Nov, 2006
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Inhibition of sex leads to violence

Sex Japan 02 Rn We all recently heard the story of Ted Haggard, yet another Christian Evangelist who was exposed for saying one thing while doing another. While he preached eternal damnation for homosexuality, he was exposed by a male prostitute for paying for homosexual sex and doing meth amphetamines. A few years back, Jim Baker was caught paying for sex while preaching to millions that sex was evil, dirty or shameful. Maybe saddest of all are the thousands of reports of pedophilia among clergy. And these are only the stories that surface. 

The Raelian philosophy gives an easy solution to these problems: sensual and sexual pleasures are among our main sources for blossoming and everyone should practice them freely as long as it doesn’t harm anyone and it is done by adults, with consenting adults. We should each follow that which is pleasurable and ignore the teachings of the institutions which have grossly distorted and even often contradicted what Jesus taught.

This “pleasure principle” is written in us on the most basic biological level. Second only to the “survival program”, sex is the strongest need which every living thing lives for. To repress this desire, this energy, this program in each of us will cause both emotional and physical damages. One does not need to look far for the proof. Wherever there is a culture which abhors sex or considers it shameful, sinful or dirty, one will also find more violence. In the Japanese culture where sex has no taboo and is celebrated freely (see the picture of a young girl in a Japanese festival) one counts 1.4 rape per 100,000 inhabitants. In the USA where an image of partially nude breast at primetime on the television screens is a scandal, one counts 374 rapes per 100,000 inhabitants. The old “Make Love Not War” really holds true!

So when a Priest, an Evangelist or even the average follower of the teachings of Western religion has been taught one thing but their body tells them another thing, the body often wins. And nothing could be more natural.

While it is hypocritical for people like Ted Haggard and Jim Baker to be caught having sex which they should not feel guilty about, we need to realize that they actually prove our point here – that when we consider the mind better than the body, when we believe in a duality of mind and body, we always damage ourselves. One does not exist without the other. They are, and always have been, one, inextricably linked. (And let’s not forget the damage people like these perpetuate to millions of followers by teaching abstinence is something to be considered “holy” or “pure”. How would they know, anyway? hehe… )

In the case of Priests, the perversity is so deep from bottling up sexual desire for so long that they sometimes end up preying upon nuns as brought to light by movies like The Magdalene Sisters. (In my childhood even I knew of 3 pastors who had affairs with wives within the congregation) Worst of all, they will sometimes prey upon the most unsuspecting and vulnerable, the children and they are the easiest to hide the crimes from and with. These poor children know no better and have no idea what is happening to them – only to find out years later the terrible acts committed against them and are often living the rest of their lives confused by such perverse hypocrisy and sometimes even perpetuate this disease.

Of course we know that not all Priests are pedophiles. But maybe this is only because not all Priests, or any of us for that matter, have the same amount of sexual desire needing to be stifled. This leads us to a very important part of the Prophet Rael’s teachings, the fact that everyone is different. There is no such thing as “normal” and when religion tries to force all people to be the same it will cause most of them to suffer. Hetero, homo, bi, even asexual are all “normal”. Throughout the animal kingdom you will see homosexuality, bisexuality and asexuality along with heterosexuality. But when The Elohim created all life on Earth, they probably wanted to ensure that it would propagate so it seems logical that most of the creation would be heterosexual to one degree or another. Of course we don’t understand enough of the genetic code to know all the answers yet but science is closing in on these things at enormous speed.

When we see the story of Ted Haggard we cannot but wonder, would he have even turned to drugs if not for the guilt he was living by desiring another man?

As with any belief, it is important to understand why we believe something. Few Christians know the origin of celibacy, especially in the priesthood. Up until about 760AD, priests were allowed to marry (even more than one wife if the first was sick – something quite common in that era). Then over the next couple of hundred years there were a couple of Popes who realized that these undeserving women were inheriting what should belong to the church so they banned Priests from marrying, naming the women (of course) as the problem and even dissolved the marriages of the Priests at that time. This is the origin of celibacy in the Christian church. Of course you remember the big movie of 2005 “The Davinci Code” which gave some pretty interesting evidence that Jesus may have been married. Of course we don’t know for sure, but we do know for sure that many records which contradicted accepted doctrine (usually simply voted into being doctrine in Ecumenical Councils) were destroyed by the early church just as they destroyed the massive library at Alexandria, the Mayan story of creation and any other such historical records which would contradict what they wanted to teach as doctrine.

Everything we do at every moment of our life, we do for pleasure. (or the avoidance of displeasure – which is the same thing) However, the pleasures which stimulate direct pleasure like a sensual meal, meditation, the warm sun on one’s face, a beautiful piece of music, and of course sex are the most important as they help to increase our sense of happiness and feeling connected to our environment – the very meaning of the word “religion”!

A life full of pleasure is guaranteed to be a happy life. Have fun following your own tastes and desires – and rejoice in seeing those who are different than you…they make you more individual just as you do them! 

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