Paradism Day in Mexico

04 May, 2013
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Raelians celebrated Paradism Day in Mexico City and Puebla on May 1st.

paradism_day_67_mxpuebla.jpg Raelians celebrated Paradism Day in Mexico City and Puebla on May 1st.

Paradism Day 67 Mxpuebla

Beny Reyes, Guide for Puebla, tells us:

"Leveraging the fact that on the 1st of May many people celebrate Labor Day, the Raelians from Puebla went out on the streets to promote the world Paradism Day . We were impressed how many young people no longer want to work, mostly students who already are using science and technology. We talked with a young man who studies physics and he told us that it is time that all governments of the world give a chance to the geniuses to achieve Paradism, that today it is an utopia, but in a short time it can become a reality, since geniuses always seek benefits for everyone. He asked us to send him more information about Paradism and Geniocracy to his email so that he can promote it among his fellows at university.

We also talked with a union leader who was promoting the rights of dissatisfied workers and was surprised when he saw our banner that said 'Paradism, a world without money or work'. We explained him the benefits of this system of government and he said that it was very difficult to achieve this system but he supports it. It was the first time that he heard of Paradism but if people start to understand the magnitude of our work, certainly we are going to achieve that all can become happy. He added that he was ashamed to tell us that he promoted work and dignified treatment of workers and that would be better to 'Take advantage of science and technology, not work and be happy'. He was a very kind person who all the time gifted us with a smile."

Paradism Day 67 Mxc