Our Support to Judge Tosti

01 May, 2006
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to remove crucifixes from court rooms

Totsi And Shirley For the past few months, we have expressed our support to Judge Tosti, the first Italian judge to refuse to work in a room where a crucifix hangs on the walls. While the Italian constitution clearly says that there are no links between Church and State, the Italian Justice condamned Juge Totsi for his attempt to have the constitution respected and the crucifix removed. Shirley, a Raelian guide and our reporter for RaelTV ( soon to be launched) visited Juge Totsi a few weeks ago to express the personal support of the Prophet Rael. Judge Totsi accepted to share with us on camera what he has been going through. The video of his talk is now available in our video section. Do not miss this opportunity to listen to the story of this exemplary man.