Our Support to India's Untouchables turning to Buddhism

22 Oct, 2006
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in protest at discrimination by Hindus

India02 Hinduism has the reputation of being one of the most tolerant religions. One can choose the god or goddess one wants to adorn without being judged. However when we look at it closely, it is the same religion that supports castes and the fact that some Hindus are superior to others, imposing the well-known discrimination towards the Untouchables.
"Dalits – the Untouchables- are not allowed to drink from the same wells, attend the same temples, wear shoes in the presence of an upper caste, or drink from the same cups in tea stalls," said Smita Narula, a senior researcher with Human Rights Watch, and author of Broken People: Caste Violence Against India's "Untouchables."
Why would any human being accept to be relegated to the lowest job, and live in constant fear of being publicly humiliated, paraded naked, beaten, and raped with impunity by upper-caste individuals, seeking to keep them in their place in the name of their religion?
It is about time that Dalits refuse such a philosophy and it is with great pleasure that we express our support and congratulations to the 100,000 who are converting to Buddhism at the moment, showing their determination to end peacefully centuries of humiliation.
At the origin of every religion on Earth there are teachings of our Creators, the Elohim, who gave at different times, information that were the most adapted to the development of the Humanity they had created. It is fascinating to see how these initial messages of love explaining how to enjoy life and blossom were distorted leading to suffering, torture and death in the name of god. The very tolerant Hinduism created castes, the Jews were told not to kill but are still fighting today…, Christians were supposed to turn the other cheek when hit on the face but they are still retaliating in the name of God, the Prophet Mohammed said that in the blood of one human being is the blood of the whole humanity, and they are still using bombs in his name… How can homosexuals still be Christians or Muslims nowadays while their philosophy denies their very existence?

The only solution is the one chosen by the Dalits: change one’s philosophy to adopt one that respects the basis of Human Rights. This is what RAEL, founder and leader of the Raelian Movement has been teaching for the past 32 years. Thanks to him, homosexuals, women, indigenous, individuals belonging to discriminated minorities, are now living their difference without guilt. This is our wish to the Dalits.
We have been created all different in order to benefit from each others difference. This is one of the main principles given by our Creators to RAEL. Let’s hope that the Indian government will get the message from the Dalits and really eliminate the castes instead of passing laws preventing people to convert…