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19 Apr, 2006
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Realian news and views audio reports

The RaelRadio team will be so happy to welcome you on our new site
If you want to listen to the Prophet Rael'’s vision of the news, to his latest talks, to reports of the actions of the Raelian Movement members, to talk shows and interviews of people who are changing the world and whom we support, to the songs of our Beloved Prophet and of Raelian artists who gave us their creations…. Well, tune in to
You can access it from your computer or from your MP3 player, PSP, etc…. as it is podcasted. For those who have an iPod, you can see it on iTunes by going on musicstore/podcasts and then at the bottom of the page, search for “rael”.
Come and meet Donna from Miami, Dave from Singapore, Lara from Las Vegas, David from Brazil, Shirley from Italy, Roy from Australia and Brigitte, chief-editor.
(in the order of the picture show)