Near Death has Biological basis

21 Apr, 2006
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a scientific study from University of Kentucky

Near Death 'Near death' has biological basis, this is what the Prophet Rael has been saying all along while some people are trying to use this phenomenon as a proof of a bright life after death.
People who have had near death experiences commonly report being surrounded by a bright light or gazing down on themselves in an operating theatre.
A recent study confirms the Prophet Rael’s teachings as it suggests that near death experiences have a biological explanation rather than a spiritual one.

Kevin Nelson of the University of Kentucky, Lexington, USA, who led that study, compared 55 people who had had near death experiences and 55 who had not. His team found out that those with near death experiences were more likely to have less clearly separated boundaries between sleeping and waking. This US team said the same parts of the brain are activated when people dream as in near death experiences.
Many of these sensations are also common to experiences of being in the dream state, or rapid eye movement (REM), stage of sleep, the researchers said.
The University of Kentucky researchers found that 60% of those who reported such experiences said they had experienced the REM state of sleep during periods of wakefulness while only a quarter of those who had not had near death experiences said they had experienced this "REM intrusion". This suggests that REM state intrusion contributed to near death experiences.
This theory was declared quite plausible by Dr. Neil Stanley, director of sleep research at Surrey University. He said that our dreams can appear incredibly real - after all they are our reality when they are happening. And if you get that sort of reality playing through into your consciousness - it's a very convincing reason to believe such a thing is happening." This is probably even more true for people who have been told to expect something after death and who are eagerly trying to get a confirmation of it to ease their fear.

The Prophet Rael has explained on several occasions that this near death phenomenon is an electrochemical process in our brain that has nothing to do with any contact with another dimension as mystical people would like it to be. He also reminds us that there is no life after death, unless scientists recreate us through cloning ( see “Yes to Human Cloning”). Science is demonstrating it more and more.