More Human Rights Violations in Israel

05 Aug, 2008
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who are the terrorists?

Wounded Palestinian The Prophet Rael pointed out “another example of barbaric behavior by Israeli authorities” when he read the latest news that seriously ill Palestinians who need medical attention are being told to either collaborate with Israeli authorities in exposing and catching Palestinian “terrorists” or they are refused medical help. Collaborate or no doctor. :-(

The organization known as Physicians for Human Rights Israel (PHR) claims that the Shin Bet, Israel's domestic intelligence agency, is playing an increasingly important role in determining whether patients should be allowed to keep hospital appointments in Israel or the West Bank.

This act, along with many other acts which deny basic human rights to Palestinians not only causes more suffering, but it seriously weakens the already fragile chances of reaching a long lasting peace agreement.

So who are the terrorists?

Even the term “terrorist” is always a relative term, depending on which side of a border one lives. One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter just as one man’s god is another man’s devil. What the Israeli policies are actually very much within the definition of “terror”. Any act aimed at motivating a group of people through fear, threat of violence, anxiety etc is, a priori, an act of terrorism. The worst acts of terror were not 9-11, but the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings. So the term “terrorist” is a relative term and until we all learn to see past our own perspectives and have compassion for all sides of a disagreement, only by addressing the causes instead of the symptoms can we reach a lasting solution to any disagreement. In other words, only by realizing “we are one” can we ensure Humanity’s survival and entry into the most magnificent era of our history – an age where love, intelligence and compassion govern the planet and science serves all of humanity equally. :-)