models with eating disorder banned in London Fashion Week

20 Sep, 2007
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Rael denounces the uncivilized discrimination against ill women.

Model With 'London fashion week' this year has come a ban on models who are suffering from an eating disorder. From September 2008 models participating in London Fashion Week should provide a medical certificate attesting their good health from doctors with expertise in recognizing eating disorders.

”This is pure discrimination”, declared Rael. “How is it possible that women are denied the right to work on the ground that they have an eating disorder? If they have such a disease, banning them will not cure them but probably just add to their misery”. What will be the next step? denying the right to work for models with AIDS and who are of course skinny because of the disease ? Will the fat models also be denied the right to work ? This "normalization" of human beings is just scandalous".

“As a nation we pride ourselves on being civilized, however there are times when this comes into question for example when we encourage or condone discrimination of any sort”, added Glenn Carter, National Guide of the Raelian Movement in UK. “Many models are also naturally thin and completely healthy. If you look at two people of the same size, one with an eating disorder and one not yet, same height and weight, could you tell the difference? Is this kind of behavior justifiable?”

In the view of the Raelian Movement any form of discrimination is unacceptable. None of these models are breaking any laws, unlike those who will contrive to discriminate against them.. The only thing in this instance that should be banned is discrimination itself.

”As for any role model argument, we just need to educate our children, how each person’s body is different, and that discrimination tall, short, fat thin, black white must never prevail” said Carter.