Meeting with the Dalai Lama

03 Jun, 2005
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Rene BolducTestifies to the Good Faith of Rael

Obp Leading The Meditation 1 Two years ago Rael announced that certain people had indicated to him that the Dalai Lama wished to meet him, that he spoke publicly about him, and that he wished to invite him to his Canadian center. It proved to be pure fabrication from a Compulsive Liar and who was the partner of a Raelian who at the time was a Guide. Due to Rael's respect for this Raelian, he never revealed his identity. But recent rumors spread by certain anti-Raelians, wanting this to establish "proof that Rael is a liar" forced the Guide of Guides to require that this Raelian give up anonymity to testify to the truth.

Rene Bolduc, who was that person, has just sent this admirable letter
where he apologizes to Rael and Raelians for involuntarily having given Rael false information which was only the fruit of the imagination of his partner, even if Rene refuses to admit that her partner invented it all or cannot see it as it wuld endanger his relationsghip. In any case, we respect his perception and publish here his letter as received.

All those who dared suspect Rael of being a liar, if they have so much as a little conscience, have only one option: to also apologize.

Here is the letter of Rene Bolduc:

Dear Rael

Please excuse me for my voluntary participation in the transmission of the information given by my partner who claimed that she was in direct contact with the Dalaï Lama and also that she was first Lady in the Buddhist structure and nominated by him directly. I am responsible for having brought that information and I did all I could to have this meeting happen. It didn't happen and I ignore the reaons why it didn't happen. If this information caused disappointment among the Raelians I am sincerely sorry.

I am also sorry that some people have used these events to suggest that you invented all this and to state that you are a liar. I want to testify that it was I who was responsible for bringing this information to you and I regret the doubt that this could have sown in the spirit of some Raelians and I testify to this publicly with this letter.

Rene Bolduc