Mardi Gras in Sydney, a Raelian must

07 Mar, 2006
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With pope alice and Raelian naked breasts

There has been a great reception to the Raelians this year at the Sydney Gay and Lesbian New Mardi Gras. It has been a hardwon respect. New Mardi Gras was concerned about our anti-Religious theme and wanted to censor us. I was able to successfully argue that our message is crucial to all those young gay people, in particular, who consider suicide because they can’t see a loving future for themselves, only one full of hateful religious dogma..
Many of the commentators along the route were aware of the Raelians as a UFO group and a controversial Movement and announced our website as being especially created for gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgender, queer Raelians. The commentators were aware that we expect to meet with people from another planet. They also congratulated us on taking on religion. One commentator said over the loudspeaker, “Yes how dare religions tell us not to use condoms.”

The theme of our float was ‘Debaptism”. “Religions Created Homophobia - Debaptize Yourself”. Our signs read, “Homosexuality IS Natural. Homophobia is NOT Natural”. “UFO Brings Love”, “The Myth of God is Over”, “Debaptise Yourself”. All had the website underneath.

“Pope Alice Loves You to Life”. Pope Alice’s outfit especially caused a sensation. She led the way wearing a bishop’s mitre and rows of breasts like the Roman goddess Artemis. The large fuschia pink cope billowed in the cooling breeze of the evening. It was held each side by two Raelian women (Rhanda and Anna) who wore Muslim-style headscarve and little else. Their breast were exposed. This was an awesome and magnificent gesture.

They cause an orgasmic enthusiasm in the crowd, who felt liberated by the daring attire and snubbing of religious restrictions. The crowd were thrilled that finally someone was taking the piss out of religion. People felt that this was such a great way of dealing with the building pressure form Islam to conform to medieval opressions.

Pope Alice added to the joy of the crowd by flashing them, as she did last year, with the huge phallus concealed beneath her cascading breasts.

“Now that’s genetic engineering gone wild.” said one wily onlooker.

We were so uplifted by the Parade, which lasted about an hour up Oxford Street into Flinders Street down to the Showgrounds. We were buzzing with energy at the end of it.

This year the Party was sold out, which is a good sign that Mardi Gras is recovering from its lull. I’d like to think that the Raelian contribution of some gutsy politics has also contributed to the revitalisation of this significant event.

Many of the hardcore Mardi Gras goers thought our float was very courageous and highly relevant and topical. They also thought Pope Alice and her assistants were very brave and the costumes witty. This is high praise indeed from a tough section of the Sydney community.