Man Trying to Sell His Soul

16 Jul, 2008
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false advertizing

Soul A New Zealand man is auctioning his soul in an internet auction. So far it’s hit $189US but still has not closed yet.

An attorney said that the winning bidder would not be entitled to anything but Scott's soul and would not be able to own or control him in any way.

Rael said “Of course the attorney is right. The winning bidder would not be entitled to anything ... as there is no "soul" as well as no "holy spirit” etc. The concept of selling one’s soul only makes sense in a supernatural context. In other words, a soul is a mystical concept which does not exist does not exist, eventually to be reunited with a god which does not exist and can only be sold to a devil which does not exist.”

The winning bidder will probably want its money back when science soon proves there is no such thing as a soul. ;-)... unless it is a religious organization tying to increase the number in its rank?

Anyway, it definitely falls into the "False Advertising" category to us:-)