Life is too long to share it only with one partner.

26 Feb, 2006
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couples who have nothing in common should divorce

Japan Elder Divorce The Prophet RAEL has been teaching and explaining this basic principle for 32 years now, denouncing the attempt of religious leaders to control family and relationship by threatening of eternal hell those who divorced or those who live together without being married. Luckily, our society is changing and science explains better the chemistry involved in lust, love and couscious love, reinforcing the teachings or the Prophet Rael ( for more, come to the Raelian seminars).
A recent survey has shown in Japan an unprecedented rise in divorce among Japanese couples married for more than 20 years that is being blamed on the so-called "retired husband syndrome". It seems that many wives resent how little their husbands contribute to home life and are seeking divorce when, after retirement, the men show no sign of changing their habits. The post-WWll "baby boomers" who have spent decades living largely apart from their families, devoted to their jobs, now reach retirement age and their wives now have to consider living with their husband for 20 or 30 more years...

The Prophet RAEL encourages couples who have nothing in common to divorce and young people not to get married in the first place as life is too long to share it only with one partner.