Let’s Ban Nuclear Weapons!!!

24 Apr, 2017
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The Canadian government refuses to support the United Nations / International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear weapons (ICAN) campaign to prohibit nuclear weapons around the world.

Actnow.jpg Act NOW!

Act Now, before it is too late!

- Write to our United Nations Ambassador
- Contact our Defense Minister & Prime Minister
- Convince your provincial governor
- Convince your parlementarian

Direct links to write them

Our organization felt it was our responsibility to be proactive in informing the public about the upcoming vote by UN members to prohibit nuclear weapons. Most developed nations refuse to participate in negotiations. We must mobilize, all of us, and get our governments to participate in this very important decision. If you want a future for yourself and your children, you need to act immediately and ask your country to agree to make nuclear weapons illegal in the same way chemical and biological weapons are internationally illegal.

All politicians and governments will be responsible if a nuclear catastrophe occurs. You will also be responsible if you don’t actively participate in changing the minds of those political leaders still refusing to join the 132 others who have agreed to establish a global ban on nuclear weapons.

The final UN vote to make nuclear weapons universally illegal is July 7th 2017, so time is very limited !!!

Join the Hibakusha Appeal for a Nuclear Ban Treaty

A plea from Hiroshima / Nagasaki survivors:

“So that the people from future generations will not have to experience hell on earth, we want to realize a world free of nuclear weapons while we are still alive.”
Visit the petition page
Hiroshima Destroyed

Join our Online Meditation efforts for peace(1Minute4Peace.org)

“What we think, express and feel affect the whole planet. By sending waves of peace and love through the most powerful transmitter we have, the brain, we can make this planet more peaceful.” Maitreya Rael

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Visit the Official ICAN Website for more information about the international campaign.

CLICK HERE if you wish to know your country’s official position on the matter.