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10 Sep, 2007
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our support to Las Vegas' Mayor

Prostitution2 The Mayor of Las Vegas, Nv, recently gave up on pushing for the legalization of prostitution in this city which is among the most famous for allowing so many other things – most all of them infinitely more destructive than sex! (Gambling and alcohol destroy many times more lives than protected sex!) While the mayor himself believes it should be legalized, there are still enough outspoken people against legalized prostitution for “moral reasons”.

A new book released by the San Francisco-based group "Prostitution Research and Education" even claims all prostitution is a "human rights violation”. This would only be true in cases where women are forced into prostitution. It should be noted that 99% of the time, it is men who force women into this terrible practice – men who have antiquated, primitive belief systems which define women as belonging to a man.

The Raelian movement’s position is that if a woman (or man) wishes to go into this business, which brings pleasure to other people, it is a direct violation of their rights if we don’t allow them to. Besides, prohibiting anything never works.
Rael reminded us in this article that ‘some people prostitute their brain as intellectual workers, or their hands as factory workers, and it is all prostitution. As long as money exists there will be people doing things for money. They can do it working with their hands, brain, sex or singing, as long as they do it for money it is prostitution.’

Las Vegas is considered quite a liberal city. It is even often called “sin city” by the US populace, who like to think the US is far more advanced when it comes to morality than other countries. But is this really the case? First of all, it took about 150 years for the US, the country based on equality, to even allow women or blacks (or any other race than white) to vote. So even if the US is a little ahead of those countries in 2007 which allow the stoning of women for “violations of honor”, this by no means makes the US the authority on women’s rights.
The US has so much further to go before women are no longer demonized/harlotized as Western religion has done to them. The US is saying “we allow our women to wear something other than a burka so we are more liberated”. It’s like saying “I am better because I only killed 10 people because you killed 20.” It’s like saying the Koran is a violent book while the Bible uses the word “war” over 300 times, the word “sword” used even more, and claiming that God is loving while this god is reported in “his own book” to have killed over 2.2 million people. (BTW: Satan only killed 10 according to god’s own book) How can Christians who believe every word of the Bible claim they really understand and are committed to peace? How many can say they are truly committed to equality between men and women when that book also says we should stone adulterers?

The current “official” view in the US is that prostitution, sex out of wedlock, gay sex etc. is immoral. But wait! That’s exactly the same as those allegedly “backward” countries Bush and Cheney led the US to attack under the lie of spreading equality and freedom. Bush’s presidential elections were even won under the guise of bringing “dignity and morality back to the White House”! To this writer, and I was born and raised in the US, the list of scandals from the pious Bush administration is much, much more immoral. To list just a few: The US Attorney General (A. Gonzales) lies in order to protect his political party, Bush trying to appoint Harriet Meiers (a Methodist University graduate) as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court knowing perfectly her stance against abortion, then appointing John Roberts instead, (just as anti-abortion as Meiers). Let’s also not forget his appointing Dr. Hagar (gynecologist and evangelical Christian) whose ex-wife said that he repeatedly anally raped her in her sleep to the FDA advisory board on women’s reproductive issues. Evangelicals and an alleged rapist deciding women’s rights? Sounds an awful lot like the “extremists” Bush claims to be fighting against, does it not? And what could be more immoral than the killing of hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis? 

We in the Raelian Movement are sure that Jesus would not agree with this. Nor would They Who send Him as well as Rael, The Elohim.

We have to stop grading on a curve. When compared to The Elohim’s society, one country on Earth is only slightly ahead or behind the next. We must call our society what it is. Primitive. Violent. Oppressive. The Elohim give very clear advice to help us emerge from such Dark Age mentality while giving us the complete freedom to ignore this advice. This is real love they show us. This is freedom in its purest form. Our Creators let us decide for ourselves. The Elohim would certainly have the right to come and say “you must do this…do that..” But they don’t. They don’t force us to do anything, which is exactly what we should do with our own citizens – not imposing our morality upon others who do not agree with us.

For almost 34 years, the Prophet Rael has been teaching that sex is healthy – very healthy and that as long as 2 (or more!!) adults are consenting, they should do it without hesitation or guilt. You may want to read also this other article were Rael comments quite clearly and beautifully on prostitution in Africa. link

And like the great US comedian George Carlin pointed out, “Sex is legal. Selling is legal. So why isn’t selling sex legal?!” 

Ricky Roehr
Bishop Guide
Responsible for the US Raelian Movement