Journalist John Richard Pilger Named Honorary Guide of Humanity

10 Jul, 2011
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Rael has just named journalist John Richard Pilger Honorary Guide of Humanity.

Pilger RnRael has just named journalist John Richard Pilger Honorary Guide of Humanity. Pilger is known for his more than 60 documentaries spanning 4 decades and his sharp criticism against Western Foreign Policy.

According to a statement released by the IRM today, Pilger's reporting and documentaries are exactly what journalism should be - an accurate reporting of facts, as opposed to the propaganda machine and '24 hour entertainment' most national news has become.

For over forty years now, Mr. Pilger has risked his life to bring the truth about the inhumanity brought about by Western Foreign Policy to the world. Sometimes reporting while under death threats, he has always put truth, compassion and justice for all people above the value of his own life or the sneers of his government. This is why Rael has named him as an Honorary Guide of Humanity.

The Raelian Movement is known for its "further than Left" stance on most social issues - especially its views that complete nonviolence is the only solution to any conflict.

Mr. Pilger's humanitarianism mirrors Rael's teachings regarding compassion, equality and exposing governments for their constant lies. Journalists should report facts, not regurgitate propaganda handed to them by politicians who are always myopic at best when deciding their foreign policies. News reporting has become a money making business. Journalists are no longer the watch dogs against wrongs committed against people. Pilger has it right and is a model for humanity.

We all wonder why the films of an award winning journalist are not as well known as one thinks they would be? But it is clear that if the citizens of Western nations were to see the all but banned films, they would never have bought into the wars that were sold to them by politicians. Wars, which are a direct result of Imperialism and Corporatism, would end immediately. What happened to 'free speech' of which the West is so proud to brag about? If Western populations were truly free to know the facts, there would be 90% less wars!

Criticized by many for what have called a conspiracy-theory mind set, Pilger's reporting has also led to many benevolent actions, including the raising of $millions in aid to the starving Cambodian people as well as changing of British Foreign Policy in the years following the Viet Nam war.