If the pope apologizes, he then admits he is not infallible

17 Sep, 2006
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destroying the established rules that states popes cannot make mistakes

Ratzingercaricature Destroying by doing so, one of the "Canon" of the Catholic Church that states that popes are infallible and cannot make mistakes…

We are living an interesting moment where either Benedict XVI recognizes he has made a mistake saying that the Prophet Mohamed only brought violence and de facto recognizes that the popes are not infallible... Or he sticks to his words, despising another faith and fuels more violence and hatred, keeping up with the tradition established by past infallible popes.
Either way, the Catholic Church exposes its true face.
To link violence and faith as the pope did in his speech, is an interesting exercise coming from the leader of a church, the Catholic Church, which has been responsible for millions of deaths in the past and still is today with its anti-condom policy, killing thousands of followers who would trust that god will prevent them to get Aids.

Too many people have been killed in the name of god. Faith creates fanatics.

Rael, spiritual leader of the Raelian Movement, brought several very clear rules in the Message given to him by these human beings who created us.
First of all, he tells us to not have faith but to understand and be critical of any mystical explanation of what we live and of why we live...

Another very important rules that the 65000 Raelians on Earth have chosen to apply is: “The only thing one can be fanatical of, is absolute non-violence”

To apply this rule doesn’t require any faith, but a clear and loving consciousness.... hope you will make this one yours as well ...