If Only there was a Palestinian Gandhi

07 Apr, 2002
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Love is the only solution

2 1108074047 Prophe Of all four holidays that we celebrate, the first Sunday of April is, in my opinion, the most beautiful. It's the anniversary of the Creation, the anniversary of the metamorphosis of dust to consciousness whether we use this consciousness or not, since there are people who do not use it. But for those who use it, the most beautiful expression of consciousness is Love. We are here to make love i.e. to bring love to this Earth. You probably heard about the prognostic of scientists who have recently announced the 9-minute adjustment of the Dooms Day Clock (the clock that counts the time that we have left before the final self-destruction). This means that we now have 7 minutes left before the end.

Things are going really bad and the time that we have left is shrinking. Why ? Because there isn't enough of this most beautiful expression of consciousness - Love. Our reality is such that there are people who kill and for each of these deaths, they have their own "good" reasons : to defend their country, their family If a person killed their wife because she slept with someone else, it's a "good" reason. But reason is always wrong. Only Love is right.

Those who commit suicide by wrapping a bomb around their waist like those who drop bombs from an airplane practice the same type of terrorism. The greatest act of terrorism was committed by the country that claims to fight it, the one that dropped a bomb over Hiroshima thus killing 10 times more people than the WTC tragedy Hundreds of thousands of deaths and exactly the same type of targets and victims. And when we talk about the horror of killing "innocent civilians", does that mean the military are "guilty" and does that justify killing them? There can be no more justifications for killing innocent civilians than there can be for killing guilty military soldiers and vice versa. Hiroshima was not justified. They did it to scare off Japanese forces and force them to surrender the perfect definition of terrorism - scare off to influence.

Love is a different thought process.

If only Bush just had a little of it but unfortunately he doesn't know what it is

Israel is engaged in State terrorism. It is quite remarkable to see Israeli military soldiers who say 'no' and refuse to fight. Therefore, it's not because one is Jewish that one is guilty. There are Jews who are conscious and who do not agree. In fact, there are actually dozens of Israeli military soldiers in jail for refusing to kill Palestinian civilians and I ask you to encourage and support them as much as you can. On the other hand, there are extremists everywhere. The day following Sept. 11th in the US, there were American extremists who said : " we must drop atomic bombs over Afghanistan. " And there are extremists in Israel as well. These are the descendants of those who suffered from Nazi crimes. They are setting the 'Final Solution' in motion: to push back all the Arabs. And in doing so, they betray their ancestors by wanting to lock up Arabs in concentration camps in fact, this is already happening.

And what about Love ? Where is it ?

The only solution is Love.

But what is love ? It's when you get hit on the right cheek and decide to show the left one.
If there was a Palestinian Gandhi who were to lead the million Palestinians to sit and start a hunger strike, the entire world would not let a million Palestinians die of hunger. To sit down and do nothing : a protest that appeals to people's consciousness this is Love. If we appeal to people's reason then there is no Love.

The ones who have the power are deluding themselves. They claim that they will solve terrorism through violence. History proves that they are wrong because violence has never eliminated any form of terrorism. Ireland is a very good example : as long as there will be no love, it will not stop.

The meaning of Love is 'to give'. In the example of Gandhi, he said: " If I am not given my rights, I will die. I will hurt myself if you do not give me my rights. " This is Love.
Conscious individuals are less and less numerous. And it's quite understandable because today's planetary model is : Bush with his bombs and tanks. A generation looks at this as a model and this model will lead to more social and domestic violence. Even Peace forces are Armed forces. A peace force should only bring food and medication supplies and Love.

We, Raelians, must be models for total and absolute non-violence. The media should constantly spread stories about Gandhi instead of Bush.

There are Palestinians in concentration camps, assassinated by a country that pretends to defend its rights when, in fact, it is betraying its very foundation. Everyone loved Americans 50 years ago. Today, they are despised by one billion Muslims. Why ? Because they sent troops to Serbia to protect Muslim Kosovars but are not sending troops to help Palestinians who are in the same situation. They should do the same for Palestine. When someone blows himself up with a bomb, it's because he does not have anything else. And we call these acts 'terrorism' but the real terrorism is what brought them to this last resort. We intervened in Serbia but not Palestine. Why ? Because the U.S. is held hostage by Jewish Americans who have not yet understood, unlike those who are in jail in Israel for refusing to kill.

A small handful of the millions of American Jews are holding the rest of the 250 million Americans hostage, through the powerful grip that their lobby has on elections and through this on American unconditional support of Israel, and this is unacceptable. Muslim Arab people do not understand this. Bush would only need one second of consciousness to send troops to protect Palestinians, to be on the side of one million powerless people while still protecting Israel.

When you witness your house being invaded, your mother and father publicly stripped of their clothing to be searched, your furniture or even your house destroyed and there is absolutely no recourse nor home insurance, when you have lost everything including your dignity, wouldn't you be tempted to retaliate with bombs ?

Love is to be on the side of the weak, to show the left cheek.

For Palestine : give them more land and when they send bombs, tell them : " Go ahead ! Come kill us ! But we no longer want to contribute to any violence. "
We can chose the discourse of bombs and we all know where it can take us.

Our chances of survival are decreasing because the current Middle East model is being exported to China, Pakistan We have 85% chance of self-destruction.
There are no more Gandhis but only the Bushes of this world and tanks. We are missing a good model.

You might be shocked by what I am saying, but you shouldn't be. Even you, maybe, you think I'm crazy Imagine a Gandhi in Palestine! Love and Non-Violence are the only solutions if we want to continue to live on this Planet. We, Raelians, believe in it.

If your reaction is: "he is going too far when he says that the victims of terrorist attacks should show their left cheek ", then you have already been contaminated you have contracted HAIDS (Hate And Infectious Discrimination Syndrome) constantly cultivated by the media. If someone attacks you, as the Messages say, you should of course defend yourself physically but not kill. Defend yourself bare handed to protect yourself only but not to kill

While we talk, there are people dying. And as long as there will be people dying, my Father and I will not be happy. Become messengers for my Father and myself, for the only possibility : Love. It's physical : to show the left cheek. As opposed to " you dropped bombs on me, now it's my turn". The conscious human being must say "you dropped bombs on me, drop some more and I will not react because I am non-violent".

If this upsets you then you have been contaminated. You must decontaminate yourself by rereading the Messages again and again and believe that it can work.

When people around you assault you a little, respond by saying : "Well, this hurt me. Do it again and deal with your own conscience. I will not react but only give you love" Love starts right now in our day-to-day lives, with our loved ones and neighbors. Become models for humanity because we, Raelians, have the power to do it.

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