If Israel wants to survive, it needs a Jewish Gandhi and to build the third temple.

23 Aug, 2006
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The only solution is love and non-violence

Leon Prophet After the Lebanese war and the ongoing war against the Palestinians, here are the statements of the Messiah Rael regarding the future of the State of IsRAEL.

“The protection of the Elohim that Israel has benefited from, runs the risk of disappearing and the State is likely to be destroyed once again. It might be because the Embassy will not be built and because of the crimes against Humanity that IsRael might commit.

For the Elohim will also cease protecting IsRael if its armies show bloodthirsty behavior contrary to the Messages, even if the Embassy was to be built there. In other words, not only must IsRael build the Embassy, but it must also have an exemplary humane and humanitarian behavior. Under no circumstance would the Elohim protect or even come with what could be understood by other nations as an unconditional support of IsRael’s policy, if this policy was criminal.

That is why it is important for Raelians to defend absolute non-violence as proclaimed by the Messages, while practicing self-defense -and nothing more-, and avoiding killing at any price. And even better still, of no longer accepting to be more and more one of the richest countries in the world by not doing anything to fight against the poverty of the surrounding countries, in particular that of the Palestinians, whose misery comes partially from the creation of the State of IsRael.

Israelis cannot be satisfied to be just ordinary humans. Being the chosen people, they must be extraordinary and exemplary if they want to be worthy of keeping this temporary Promised Land.

They must be extraordinary in love and non-violence.

If walking in rows towards the extermination camps is out of the question, then it should also be out of the question to subject others to inhumane treatment by justifying these criminal attitudes with the fear of finding oneself in crematoriums, or by the fact of wanting to protect oneself from such possibilities.

Jews worldwide know that these horrors will not reoccur because Humanity, as a whole, would no longer allow it. Agitating these ghosts from the past to justify the horrors committed towards other nations is a justification used too often by certain fanatic Jews, whom we know pretty well, and who would be ready to deport the Arab-Israelis on a massive scale with the pretext, of course, that it is to prevent the recurrence of possible holocausts... A great excuse to turn into a persecutor with impunity!

The suffering and drama of the past does not justify the crimes committed towards others. If Israel wants to survive, and even more so to have the Embassy, it must become a model of love, non-violence and sharing.

Even if IsRael sustains some losses caused by terrorists, let’s always remember Gandhi asking to answer hatred with love. IsRael needs a Jewish Gandhi... not a Bush, a Sharon or Netanyahu... In practice, and even if that brings human losses due to extremists blowing themselves up, give back all occupied territories, allow the return of Palestinian refugees, help with their economic development and the reconstruction of a Palestinian and Lebanese State.

The only way that things would change is by sharing all the American subsidies with these countries, accepting Palestinian students as well as from neighboring countries, at no charge in all the Israeli Universities, providing an education that would destroy extremism, etc.

As fanatical Muslims are saying, and even Israeli experts agree, with time the Muslims will become more numerous and exceed a billion facing an Israeli micro-state. If the reasoning that the strongest will prevail is true, then time will undoubtedly ensure that strongest will be the Muslims.

Even a temporary technological superiority is useless when one-and-a-half billion Muslims decide to end it all with IsRael... especially if the crimes of the Israeli’s turn some countries away that were previously sympathetic to IsRael. Even if Israel annihilates some capitals with its nuclear weapons in an ultimate effort to protect itself, that will only precipitate its end, as the hatred generated by such actions will then be global and not only Muslim.

The only solution is once again love and non-violence. Some claim that it is risky. Certainly, but much less than the dynamic of the will of the strongest...

IsRael desperately needs a Jewish Gandhi as a political leader.