Humanist wedding ceremonies legally recognized

21 Jun, 2005
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And some are performed by raelian guides in the US

Rickyrn The first legally recognised Humanist wedding ceremony in Britain has taken place on Saturday. So far, only local registrars or authorized religious representatives could carry out legal wedding services.
An Edinburgh couple wed at the city's zoo after getting permission for the marriage from the Registrar General for Scotland, who agreed existing rules were discriminatory as neither of them are religious and it would have been hypocritical for them to get married in a church. The British Humanist Association is now trying to get the same right in England.
In the US, the Raelian Movement has been providing this option to Humanists for a few years now. Couples who are willing to express publicly their wish to live together have the means to do so without having to pretend they believe in god. Ricky Roehr, the American national guide will perform a marriage in a few weeks in his neighbourhood in Las Vegas as an atheist priest. Here is what the couple told him : "We don't want this marriage to have anything to do with god. We don't care if our families don't approve. We want you to perform this wedding ceremony because we feel close to your views on love and the world in general"
The raelian philosophy brings an alternative to traditional marriage as our wedding "blessing" states: You are now married, for a day, a month, a year or a lifetime, as long as you wish, provided that you decide to split before love between you has completely vanished. Raelian weddings are responsible, non-mystical ceremonies that are recognized in many states in the US and a blessing for the humanist community.