Higher U.S. violent crime rate

04 Jun, 2007
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An expected trend after the violent government example

Us Navy The FBI announced today that U.S. violent crimes have been higher for the second straight year. More murders and robberies have been declared in 2006 with the increase blamed on “gangs, youth violence, gun crimes and fewer police on beats”.

Should we really blame the lack of police for such an increase or could it be the result of the violent example set up by the Bush’s administration?

Here is what RAEL declared today:

“ As I ‘prophetized’ it right after Iraq invasion , this is the Bush’s effect at work, and it’s only the beginning; soon with the return home of all Iraq veterans, they will make it worse while manifesting the terrible behaviors that they acquired during their illegal and bloody occupation, creating scores of criminals thinking that violence is the only way to get what they want.
Iraq and Afghanistan have been for these young men a "violence university" and they will apply the teaching right away when they are back at home. It will take years of peace and love policies to bring all back to normal with a lot of this lost generation ending in jail for life and score of innocent civilian American victims killed or handicapped for life who will be added to the hundreds of thousand of Iraqi and Afghani innocent civilians killed or maimed by Bush policies. Bush himself should be prosecuted for crime against humanity and high treason of the American people Founding Fathers values of peace."