Gotopless, a much needed cultural revolution

06 Sep, 2016
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A request for equal rights for all to be topless on Sunday August 28. A action that started 8 years ago....

Thousands were in the streets worldwide on Sunday August 28 to request equal rights for all to be topless. The actions started 8 years ago with a few Raelian girls on Venice beach who stood their ground for a few hours, topless, defying hundreds of men taking pictures, policemen not sure what to do with the situation, Christian protesters claiming they would go to hell. Already at the time, a few women decided spontaneously to join. They are now thousands around the world, organizing similar protests in large and small cities, making it a time to claim their equal rights and to celebrate their femininity without shame or taboos.

See the video: NY parade

We often received comments that there are much more needed fights to support world wide and that having the right to be topless is just a detail.

Here is the answer of Rael regarding what he calls this very important detail:

See Maitreya's video

“ By changing little things, especially little things linked to culture, we change the world. The world is sick, wars, violence poverty, starvation; all of that because of men, because men have been ruling the world for so long. They have been also using a tool for their power which is the monotheistic religions. Monotheistic religions are all sexist. Jewish, Christian or Muslim religions are all against women. Everyone talks about Muslim girls having to hide their face behind a burka. The Christians and the Jews are however doing the same.

For those who really follow their religious books, men are superior and women are inferior. If a man has sex without being married, he will face a small punishment, meanwhile a woman can be stoned publicly to death. This is what monotheistic religions can do, all of them, written by men to give more power to men and no power to women.

To change the world, we need to give power to the women. Women are much more peaceful than men. They give birth, they raise children. They know how precious life is. They don’t have this testosterone drive that push men to fight and compete. If lead by women, the world would be much more peaceful. So let’s start by giving the same right to women and men in every field.

Like the great Mao Tse Tung said “ There is no real revolution without a cultural revolution”. Without cultural revolution, you have no revolution. Mao destroyed every trace of Western culture in China because there was no reason for China to have a Western culture. The Chinese culture was much higher than the Western culture but they had been colonized and were victims of this primitive Western culture. Mao realized that and destroyed every trace of Western culture in China.

In the world we have traces of the Judeo-Christian or monotheistic cultures, traces like the superiority of men over women which dictates that men can go topless but women cannot. No power for women. Politicians can claim equal rights for men and women, but in reality they support a law preventing women to go topless… hypocrisy in essence.

That is why it is important to fight for the right to be topless. All women who want no discrimination against their gender, who want to have the same power as men, need to promote the right to go topless. Not as a shy little wish, but as an act of revolution. It shouldn't be ‘I go topless because it is my right’ but rather ‘ I go topless because I want to change the world’.

That is why Gotopless is important. By having the same right as men, we change the world. By defending the right to go topless for women, we are fighting wars, we are fighting poverty, we are fighting child starvation, we are changing the world. It isn’t by changing big things that we make a revolution, but by changing every day’s details. If men can go everywhere, on the beaches, topless, women can do the same. Look at the men in the eyes and tell him ‘I have the same right as you and nobody will stop me’

A peaceful future for earth is a future lead by women.

Go topless! as well as men! as well as Maitreya!

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