Global Warming – Really?

03 Dec, 2008
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evidences are not too impressive


News agencies are reporting that parts of the romantic city of Venice are flooding. 1.56 meters is indeed a lot of water. All the mainstream media are reporting that this flooding is thanks to, yep, global warming. We are told by so many “authorities” that global warming is real and we had better do all we can to reverse it…or else…

The Prophet Rael commented with something which may surprise you. He said “In the fashionable global warming lie, here is a very stupid comment by the United Nations cultural organization, UNESCO, which warned that Venice "is under threat from rising sea levels caused by climate change", while if you read the article you see that this flood, 1.56 meters high, is not the historic record and is much smaller than the one in 1979 which was 1.66 meters high... So, if global warming was responsible as they want everybody to believe, why is it that 30 years after the record the flood, the current flood is still weaker?

There are many other examples which show that global warming is not real and that there have been warm and cool spells for thousands and thousands of years. These are natural and there is actually very strong evidence that these weather patterns follow directly with the sun's activity. The SUN. Not SUV's.

At the same time, Raelians are known for recommending we take care of our beautiful planet more. In fact, RAEL helped to create the patented Global Pollution Index rating (GPI) with a Raelian Bishop and PhD, Mehran Saam, formerly of Harvard.(word search this site for it) This pollution rating would go on every product sold in order to help consumers buy “greener” products. So it is indeeeed important to take care of our environment for many reasons. But global warming is not one of them. ;-)