Geniocracy is the solution

26 Jan, 2006
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To avoid a democratically vitrified world

Congointerviewweb The Islamic resistance movement Hamas seems to have achieved a stunning win in the Palestinian parliamentary election on Wednesday. According to preliminary results, Hamas won 76 seats giving them a majority in the 132-seat chamber. A democratic election has put pro-war people at the head of the Palestinian State.

Here is what the Prophet Rael said today:

This is exactly as I predicted it a long time ago. We arrive at a point where there is an unsolvable conflict between "democracy" and peace.
The so-called "civilized world" believed and claimed that democracy necessarily brings peace...but free elections in Palestine prove that democracy can put in power pro-war people. It was the case a long time ago with Adolf Hitler... now we see it again. And we will soon see it again in Iraq and in many other countries....
Democracy never works the way the West wishes it... So the USA and the United Nations must now either reject "democratic " results, and at the same time recognize that "democracy" doesn't work and is even dangerous, or accept the results , stick to "democratic" values, and by the same token support the right of the democratic expression of people to go to a democratically wished war... Democracy both in Israel and in Palestine necessarily puts in power people wishing to destroy the other nation, so war is inevitable. So if the "god" named "democracy" must absolutely rule, then war becomes a democratically wished fact, and then the whole world, hypnotized by the very concept of unchallengeable "democracy" must accept and support this war, as democracy rules that the whole democratic world must support the democratic decisions of nations. Then we are on the way to a total annihilation of the whole humanity.

Because if what is true for Israel and Palestine is applied to, let say, a conflict between China and USA, then a democratically wished nuclear war will take place, accepted and wished by both nations and then the whole world will be democratically vitrified. The only solution is the one recommended by our Creators the Elohim: to replace democracy by a more advanced system of selective democracy called "geniocracy" time goes by, Geniocracy will become more and more the only solution to save the world. In the wild democracy we now have, as Herman Goering said, whatever the political regime is, if you make the people feel threatened and create fear, they will democratically support war. As long as media and politicians, who make money by spreading fear, will rule the world, the democratic results will be to place in power pro-war people like Adolf Hitler, George Bush, Ariel Sharon or Hamas.
Only when a selective democracy will help to put in power wise people, insensitive to the fear instilled by media and politicians’ campaigns, with, as a goal, the good of the whole humanity and an absolute non-violence, then humanity will be saved. It's called Geniocracy.